PP23 PROJECT: the project of your freedom, of your money, YOUR PROJECT.

PP23 PROJECT is not a common project, it is the project of the future, of globalization, of financial freedom for all.

Let’s advance some brushstrokes, come on:


100% security of transactions and funds. The latest advances in cybersecurity guarantee the reliability, coverage and anonymity of all the operations you carry out on your account.

More than 20 accounts

Account in more than 20 different currencies (euro, dollar, pesos, pound sterling…) that will allow you to make bank transfers to use, internationally or nationally, make direct debits of your receipts, transfers between your accounts or other users. Ultimately, whatever you want.


Surely you wonder if we are fast in banking operations: you’re going to freak out, you’ll see!

Cripto account

Digital account for cryptos: all the cryptos you want, more than 100 to start, and if the one you are looking for is not there and you want it, then we will find it and add it to you. You ask, that’s what we’re here for!

Debit card

Debit card for your bank account and for your crypto account. Pay with our Mastercard prepaid card worldwide, without commissions, in the currency of your choice, without shipping or annual maintenance fees.

It's cool, isn't it?

Well, there is even more: if you travel abroad there is no commission for using it, you have 10 free monthly withdrawals, and also with a cashback for using it that ranges from 1 to 8% per month.

PP23 PROJECT is not just anything. We have deals, big deals:

With MasterCard

The PP23 Prepaid and Virtual Mastercard is issued by PFS Card Services (Ireland) Limited, under the Mastercard International Incorporated License.

PFS Card Services (Ireland) Limited, doing business as PCSIL, is authorized and regulated as an electronic money issuer by the Central Bank of Ireland, Registration No. C175999.

Mastercard is a registered trademark and its various designs are the exclusive property of Mastercard International Incorporated.

AB Nasdaq


With AB Nasdaq

Company with a European banking license, based in Lithuania, the new EU Fintech country.

Company code: 110057488
LEI code: 549300JGFH6L45DLE408
Registration code: 549300JGFH6L45DLE408

And if I like how I participate with you?

Very simple, acquiring our “PP23” token during the pre-sale phase.
Here is some information that will surely be of interest to you, without getting too involved:

Benefits of pre-presale

1) You enter fully into the development of all our project, from within, from the first day.

2) You will be informed daily of each step we take, so that no one will tell you.

3) Priority channel for offers with discounts with partners we already work with: Booking, AirBNB, Iberia, OKMovility, Adidas, Decathlon, and many more.

4) You capitalize the company, and by the way, you capitalize yourself, since you become part of it at a price much lower than what its tokens will be worth when it is at full capacity. That is, you win and we win. win to win!

And without forgetting the most important thing: it is safe for you and it is safe for us. Because ? Because we obtain liquidity from the pre-sale participants and you have the guarantee that you will never lose money, since, as we have said before, we have the economic capital and movable and immovable property that guarantee 100% of the project. More clear and transparent impossible.

1st Phase

November 2022 to February 2023

2,000,000,000 tokens
Value of each token: €0.0065

2nd Phase

March 2023 to June 2023

1,500,000,000 tokens
Value of each token: €0.0095

What will happen during the pre-sale?

The team is full to list the token of our crypto in the main exchanges of the world of cryptocurrencies such as, take note:
Binance – FTX – Coinbase – Kraken – Kukoin – Bitfinex – gate.io – Huobi – Bitstamp – Mexx – OKK – crypto.com – Poloniex – Bitmart

And in addition, you can follow its price in real time on portals such as:


Why list the token? Very easy:

You have already entered the pre-sale, in the first or second phase. Now is the time that, as our Project develops, the general public becomes interested in it, but yes, at a much higher price.

Million dollar question: What happens if things don’t go as planned and the project is devalued once it starts listing on exchanges?

Well, that you write to us and that we pay you the price at which you bought it in the pre-sale, simple, right?


Blockchain is currently the technology that people talk about the most.

Every industry should be excited or worried about its potential, with use cases, proofs of concepts, and entire companies built on blockchain technology constantly emerging.

Blockchain technology is disrupting business models in many industries, including finance, by increasing transparency, speed, security, and efficiency.

However, blockchain applications are young and still evolving, which means that it is highly likely that industry-wide standards will be fully defined within a few years.

The key characteristics of a blockchain, trust and stability, are integral to its potential. That is why we make this leap in PP23PROJECT, that is why we launched our PP23 token, to finance ourselves without risk through a cryptocurrency.

Trust: Network consensus methods and cryptographic technology are used to validate transactions, so trust is not established externally by a central authority or auditor, but continuously within the network. This gives impartiality and absolute control that what is done is anonymous and secure.

Do you see the difference between centralized (image on the left) and decentralized (image on the right)?

The difference is obvious: the new information stored on the blockchain is immutable. Its logging method prevents the deletion or rollback of transactions once they have been added to the chain. In addition, decentralized storage on blockchains is known to be very resilient, even if a large number of network participants fail, the blockchain remains available, secure, even if a large number of computing infrastructures go down, the chain of blockchain remains unchanged and available. In short: everything that is done is safe, totally safe.


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